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10 years step beyond travel grants

Création de la couverture du livre | Fabrication du livre numérique [avec Jiminy Panoz]

Since 2003, we have supported more than 1,800 trips across 59 countries through our STEP Beyond Travel Grants programme. The programme’s tenth anniversary provided a chance for us to look back at our achievements, but also to start looking ahead.
We have prepared the publication 10 Years STEP Beyond Travel Grants (2003-2013) offering an overview of the past, present and future of ECF’s flagship mobility grants programme, as well as giving a voice to some of the cultural change-makers involved.
Join us by delving into these pages, stepping beyond the borders of today’s society and considering the challenges, opportunities and dilemmas for ECF’s STEP Beyond programme and where it may lead us ten years from now.
The first section includes a short film about three grantees, and the impact that the grant has had on their work.
The second part reflects on ECF’s mobility programmes throughout the last 20 years.
And the third part looks ahead to the future of STEP Beyond, through the lens of sustainability.